The start of your new marine tank

Taking the mayhem out of marine fish keeping

The start of your new marine tank

Where do you begin?


So the fundamentals of your new marine fish tank need thinking about first and here I've tried to list them in the order that I hope will lead to a logical conclusion.


A guide for costing up your new marine tank


How much time will your new marine tank take up?


Size and location of your new tank


Which direction is your new marine tank going


Once you have thought about all the above you can move forwards with the direction your new marine aquarium will go.





When you have made the desicion to keep a marine aquarium it can sometimes seem overwhelming as to where to start. There is a massive amount of advise out there on the internet but sometimes it can seem conflicting and after you have opened seemingly endless pages of information you can end up just as confised as you were when you started.


The links in this page are designed to give a simple overview of the considerations when starting up your new fish keeping hobby. The information given just skims the surface and is based on some of the lessons I learned when I was starting up. It's designed to give enough information so when you join a forum you can ask direct questions which will often get quicker and better responses than vague ones.


Forums are a fantastic way to improve your knowledge about any subject but if your questions are vague it can be difficult to get effective answers quickly. You must also remember to analyse any answers as, although well meaning, they are not always the correct ones

Helpful tips


So you've decided you're going to take the plunge into the world of salt water


Always try and make sure your partner is on board with your new venture. This will make your future fish keeping life far easier......


Never admit to your partner exactly how much you spent on a fish that will inevitably hide away in the rockwork only to show itself approximately every six will get fired back at you in an argument...


The start - in a nutshell

Although this website is about keeping marine fish in the cheapest ways possible there will still be a financial outlay and continuous running costs. Don't underestmate the costs or your livestock will start to suffer

Don't underestimate the amount of time needed to maintain your marine tank, there is always something to tinker with or an irritating blob of something nondescript on the inside of the glass that needs removing

Always go for the biggest tank you can afford, you'll regret it later when you realise you can't keep half the things that made you want to keep marine fish in the first place

If you can go for equipment that is overated for your volume of tank. As equipment ages it may not perform as well so if it's at its limit with your marine aquarium it may not be doing the best job once its a year old

Always make sure you shop around for your equipment and don't be put off buying second hand. People are breaking tanks down all the time and more often than not there's nothing wrong with the equipment they're selling


Once you have read through the links and answered some of the main questions you should be in a position to know which direction you;re going, fish, fish and corals, corals. Plan your tank stock and always keep your overall objective in mind. This can save changing non compatable livestock at a later stage