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the equipment list for your marine tank


Where on earth do you begin?


You can have an endless amount of equipment in your marine tank should you wish, one of the things that keeps some people going is the amount of gadgetry you can install and fiddle with to help look after your charges. However, as this website is about trying to keep things cheap and simple I will only discuss a few things here although if you are that way inclined it's worth mentioning that there are enough things out there to keep any techno head entertained.


Pumps and powerheads


Protien Skimmers









When you're considering the equipment for your marine tank make sure you have the whole picture in your mind of where your tank is going. This whole website is about marine fishkeeping on a budget but it's no good going and buying a load of cheap stuff that will do for a current FOWLR if you think that sometime down the line you suddenly need to upgrade or keep corals or something like that. Don't be fooled by false ecomony.


At the very least, no matter how simple your tank is going to be I would recommend considering powerheads, a protien skimmer and one or two heaters. If you are stuck with a very tight budget you should still be able to pick these up second hand for a good price. With care and patience you should be able to keep the majority of marine organisms just with these few pieces of equipment.


Of course if you start getting into the more advanced stage of marine fish/coral keeping and progress onto SPS corals for example you will find additional demands on your time (and budget) such as having to dose various elements and paying more attention to your parameters and this may be where automatic dosers and reactors start coming into play.


If you can see yourself going down the demanding coral route in the future you may want to consider a tank with a sump which is a handy place to keep all your kit without cluttering up your display tank. Sumps are not essential but have many benefits which become more apparent as you move into harder to keep species.

Helpful tips




Try to imagine where you want your marine tank to go in the future and buy equipment that will be sufficient


Keep your eye on the classifieds, people are often stripping tanks down or upgrading their equipment

Equipment - in a nutshell

You don't need huge amounts of gagetry to maintain a beautiful marine tank, a few powerheads, a protien skimmer and one or two heaters can be sufficient

As well as the obvious things mentioned here you will be amazed at how many household goodies can end up as must haves for your marine tank

Toothbrushes, scrubbing brushes, pan scourers, turkey basters, the list is endless just make sure your partner doesn't see you trotting off with half of the kitchen.....