Green hair algae

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Green Hair Algae


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If you plan your new marine tank carefully and do your research you may be able to reduce the amount of problems you encounter


If you do start to encounter things like algae or cyanobacteria don't panic and start throwing 'miracle cures' into your tank without being sure of the cause of the problem in the first place

Problems - in a nutshell

Many problems can be encountered during the start up phase of your marine aquarium, many are solved easily but might take some time

Always try to get to the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms

Remember that marine fish and reef keeping involves a lot of chemistry, it helps to understand the interactions of all these elements in order to successfully solve some of the problems

Cyanobacteria is commonly encountered an almost all marine aquariiums and can quickly take over the tank, it is identified as a red, vevelty carpet that often receeds after lights out only to return with a vengence the following day

Diatoms and dinoflagellates are an ugly, snotty brown algae that can be associated with excess

silca in the system

Green hair algae is common, particularly in new set ups or systems where the nutrient load is high, this looks like a 'fluff'y' carpet which can quickly take over your tank if not dealt with quickly