Taking the mayhem out of marine fish keeping

About this website

Saltwater-Suckers - What's it all about?


I don't pretend to be an expert. On the contrary, the longer you keep a marine tank of any description the more you realise you don't know. I decided to have a go at this website simply as a place to start. It will not answer every question about the subtle variations in light wavelengths of various LED and T5 lighting systems. It won't tell you everything you need to know about the chemical compostitions of every element you may read about in salt water. I hope, however it will give an insight into marine fish keeping, the do's and don't and answer some of the what ifs and the hows - lets face it there's plenty of them in this hobby but hopefully if some of the question marks are removed then some people reading this may become a sucker for saltwater, just like me.

I started keeping marines quite a few years ago when fresh water tropical fish just didn't cut it any more. To keep my interest up in fresh water fish I started breeding them, only the common ones such as corydora, dwarf gourami and siamese fighting fish. I loved breeding them but in the end trying to off load the youngsters became such a chore I gave up. Like many other people I started paying more and more attention to the marine display tanks in my local fish shops and sure enough over time, the spell they cast took hold and convinced me that was the way I needed to go. Since then I have never looked back but believe me it's not been plain sailing all the way...

So why this website?

Why do I think I can help?


Maybe I can't


If there's one thing I remember about starting out with marines its that when I started to ask the first questions I was immediately knocked sideways by the jargon, the difficulties and the cost that I was told I would inevitably encounter along the way. I didn't have much spare cash but one thing I did have was time and a curious nature. I stopped listening to everything the local fish shops told me and started doing my own research.

I need to state at this point that under no circumstances am I being negative about local fish shops. I have a few near me that are absolutely superb. They will not sell anything that is not suitable for your set up and will spend hours on various internet forums answering questions with the patience that can only be described as that suitable for marine fish keeping. They are brilliant and I can spend many a happy hour chatting about the nuances of the air intakes of protien skimmers with their owners but unfortunately this is not always the case.


When I started out I had a choice of two shops which dealt with marines. One should never have been allowed to give advice on marines as they had very limited knowledge. The other was managed by a very helpful person who promptly informed me that I was looking at an inital payout of thousands before I even bought my first marine fish.


I wasn't convinced this was the case and decided to do a bit of my own research to really see what was what. This is where this website has come from. Even now, when I'm bumping into people I'm finding that I'm spending half my time advising on basic water chemistry , algae issues, feeding issues, can't keep corals without a second mortgage issues and I really hope that this website will not only answer some questions that people still have, but will also provide a friendly contact where people can feel confident in asking their questions without feeling self concious as you sometimes can on open internet forums. Even better, I hope that once this website is up and running it helps to turn even more people into saltwater-suckers, just like me.

Quick reference


Have you been captured by the spell of marine tanks ?


Do you have a few hours to spare per week ?


Are you willing to learn ?


Do you have compassion and dedication ?


Do you have patience ?

Then here we go

You don't need a second mortgage to keep a marine tank

If its waterproof you can keep marine fish in it (subject to size)

You don't necessarily need a sump and fifteen plug sockets to keep the corals of your choice

Simple can be best in some circumstances

I have, over the years, kept many diffeerent species of marine organisms in many different tank set ups ranging from sea moths to crinoids, breeding seahorses to full, fast flowing sps tanks. All have been done on tight bugets and time constraints. Not for a second am I saying I have kept these species in the best, most highly technical set ups but I have kept them and they have grown, thrived and bred in my set ups with nothing more than love, understanding and dedication on my part.


If I can do it there is no reason why you can't too.