Taking the mayhem out of marine fish keeping

Marine Fish keeping made easy



Have you ever walked into a fish shop and wondered at the medley of colour, texture and activity in the marine display tank?


Have you thought to yourself 'I would like that in my home' but don't know where to start?


Have you asked the first question about marine fish keeping and been bamboozled by the jargon and deep intakes of breath when asking about the cost?


If your answer to any of the above is yes then your not alone and this website is for you....


Please bare with me, I'm still writing this website and more information will be added as I work through the myriad of topics associated with the fabulous hobby we call marine fish keeping


Whilst I endevour to update and continue with the website please visit my blog for regular updates on where I'm at with my own marine fish keeping hobby and more background information on where this site has come from.


Marine fish keeping doesn't have to be exclusive. Anyone with a love for fish who wants to create an amazing piece of living furniture can do so. It takes dedication, love, precision and care. With these four values the most spectacular scene can start to unfold before you. A world full of colour and texture, of partnerships and battles and, if done correctly a world of mesmerising activity that will keep you entertained for years